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Trailers Now offers a large selection of enclosed cargo trailers for sale in a variety of sizes at the best prices. Our cargo trailer inventory includes sizes ranging from 6′ x 12′ to 7′ x 14′ to as large as 8.5′ x 24′. Whether you are upgrading from an open cargo trailer, a first-time buyer, or are tired of wasting money renting trailers, you will want to consider the many benefits of owning an enclosed cargo trailer.

Benefits of Owning Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Reduce theft
Cargo thefts cost haulers millions of dollars in lost revenue each year with an average loss of $136,222 per theft, according to CargoNet. It’s a serious problem that shippers, truckers and haulers need to be on guard to protect the goods they are carrying at all times. Upgrading from an open, flat bed or less secure trailer to a more secure fully-enclosed cargo trailer can significantly reduce the risk of theft. Also, all trailers from our small 6′ x 12′ enclosed cargo trailers for sale to the large 8.5′ x 24′ enclosed cargo trailers for sale include sturdy steel deadbolt security locks on both side and rear entry doors.

Weather protection
Weather is one of the biggest threats to goods. When you’re hauling thousands of dollars in materials and equipment, an unexpected downpour can quickly destroy your entire load. Not to mention the disastrous effects that the sun’s UV exposure can cause. In fact, substantial levels of UV radiation can pass through cloudy skies, according to the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center at Columbia University. Our fully enclosed cargo trailers completely seal your haul, providing complete protection from the elements, including: rain, wind, and UV exposure.

You own the asset
Whether you are renting a trailer or have an existing trailer that simply doesn’t provide the security and weather protection, you are wasting money. When you buy one of our enclosed cargo trailers, you own the asset. This means that you can customize the trailer with the features and options that will maximize your hauling, storage capacity, and revenue – while minimizing expenses.  Imagine no more having to hunt down a trailer to rent or wasting valuable time waiting for roadside assistance in a broken down used trailer that has seen better days!

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