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Features of the 8.5×24 Enclosed Trailer That Set Us Apart from the Competition:
All Trailers Now Have:
LED 12V Light Package
Radial Tires
Thermocool Insulated Ceiling
Larger 36″ RV-Style Side Door
16″ on Center Floor on All Tandems
4-Floor D-Ring Tie Downs
* Enclosed Trailers
Things to Notice on our 8.5′ Wide Trailers:
  • Our trailer has 2″x 6″ boxed main frame. (not сheаper I beam)
  •  A 36″ side door. (not 32″ or not οne)
  • 3/4″ plywood floors.
  • Interior height. 6 ft 6″. (not  6 FT)
  • 24″ of diamond plate stone guard. (not 12″ or 16″)
  • A ramp flap is included.
  • Trailer box, pluѕ the V-nose is extra length for free.
  • Our wаll studs are 1’x 1.5″. (not Z bar)
  • Tube roof cross members 1×1.5″. (not hat post)
  • All with V- noses.
  • Lippert axles made in USA sіnce 1956.
  • HD adjusting brakes W/ EZ lube hubs.
  • 5-yr warranty.
  • The Better Business Bureau rates us as  A+.
  • Out the door pricing. No hidden fees.
Below you can read the list of all the features that come standard on our 8.5 wide trailers.
  • 6″ tube main frame
  • 16″ on center floor  
  • 24″ on center roof
  • 24″ ATP stone guard  
  • Molded plastic tag box
  • 12V LED interior light
  • Roof vent
  • Tongue jack top wind 2000 lb.
  • 36″ Side door w/ Rv lock,  
  • Diamond plate recessed step up 
  • Hold back on side door   
  • V-Nose w/ ATP diamond plate  
  • ST 205 15″ Radial Tires. UPGRADE 5200 lb. tires are 225’s
  • Marine grade paint 
  • 15″ Wheels w/ self adjust brakes on all 4  
  • E-Z lube hubs, E-Z lube hinge pins 
  • Aluminum fender flares 
  • 3/4″ Plywood floors 
  • 4- 5,000 lb D-ring tie downs
  • .024  aluminum metal exterior
  • 2- 5/16 inch coupler 
  • Heavy duty safety chains 
  • Painted screwed exterior 
  • Dual cable spring assist ramp door 
  • Beaver tail   
  • Galvalume roof 
  • Leaf spring axle w/ 4″ drop w/ brakes 
  • 7-way plug, 
  • Breakaway switch

These trailers are for sale in Douglas, Georgia. Our customers travel from all over the country to purchase our amazing trailers!
If you are looking for a 8.5×24 enclosed trailer, have you thought about making a drive to Douglas, GA to purchase without a sales middle man? We have a variety of trailers in stock now, from 8.5×28 to 6×12 enclosed trailers. We are factory direct, so you’re able to save thousands on some trailer models over comparable trailers from your nearby merchants.

All trailers are on tires, so you can simply buy and haul away the same day. All inventory available now at a great price. Almost all of our clients that drive understand they will actually save money versus buying locally. Many clients take along loved ones, going for a personal getaway (beautiful Savannah, GA is actually right off I-95 for the people originating from the north) and, taking into account all expenditures, still save compared to whatever they could have spent from a merchant inside their local community.

Enclosed Trailers for sale

* Enclosed Trailers  

NOTICE: We have many of these trailers in stock, but we also sell a lot of these trailers!
Sometimes, we sell several at once, so always get in touch with us to check on availability.  If we sell out we will gladly manufacture a new trailer for you.


* Enclosed Cargo Trailers