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At Trailers Now, we offer the best 6×12 Enclosed Cargo Trailers at amazing prices. We’re located in Douglas, Georgia and can fully customize your new trailer for you to pick up directly, or we can deliver your cargo trailer for an additional fee. Browse our website and see all of the wonderful trailers we have. Call 912-292-9877 for an updated inventory and to learn more about how you can customize your perfect cargo trailer today!

There are a lot of valuable benefits to owning a 6×12 Enclosed Cargo Trailer. Whether you are a full-time cargo hauler or an occasional user, when you have your own cargo trailer, you can move whatever you need like automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, and machinery without the hassle of renting a trailer. Plus, if you have certain equipment like heavy tools and machinery that you need on a regular basis, you can safely store them inside your trailer. Just hitch it to your car or truck when you’re ready to go!

Improved Weather Protection

If you have an open-air trailer, upgrading to a 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer will provide the additional protection from adverse weather conditions. One the road, sudden weather changes including rain, snow or strong winds can cause significant damage to the contents you are transporting, especially if you are a long-distance hauler.

Increased Load Capacity

Our 6×12 enclosed trailers have a full 6’ ceiling height with 72-cubic feet of storage space. The added space from floor to ceiling allows you to haul more contents. As you know this extra space can come in handy when you are hauling machinery, a vehicle, or any other type of equipment.

Better Security

An enclosed cargo trailer prevents the public from viewing your contents whether you’re one the road or in a parking lot. Also, our 6 x 12 enclosed cargo trailers have strong secure locks with steel doors allowing you to seal the contents inside to prevent tampering or theft.

Save Money

Renting a trailer is one of the most costly options. The amount you pay in rental fees can quickly exceed the value of the trailer. We have 6 x 12 enclosed trailers in stock now at unbelievably low factory-direct prices with absolutely no hidden fees. When you buy from the factory you can be assured of getting the highest quality trailer at the lowest prices. They are available in black or white. Other colors are also available.

To browse our selection of 6×12 enclosed cargo trailers, contact us at (912) 292-9877 today! All trailers are available in stock at our Douglas, Georgia factory. No need to wait for them to be built.