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Indirect delivery rates for 1,000 miles plus trailer deliveries.
Indirect towing is really a technique developed to save the consumer cash on transport by allowing the transport company to use your trailer to transport something else in your trailer along the way.
The way it works. You purchase the trailer, and then the shipping company searches for something to carry for somebody else that may be going your way. They’re going to subsequently utilize your trailer to transport the object towards the new consumer then transport your trailer to you.

The trailer flooring will be covered and trailer will definitely help you get delivered like brand new.
Special Requirements:
Only trailer sizes 8.5×20 up to 8.5×30.
Upgrade to 5200 lb. axles or larger
Upgrade to radial tires.
Add a radial spare tire.
At least 1000 mile delivery distance
Permit a minimum of 10 days.
85 cents per mile one way
The reason why this is really a fantastic concept, you may ask??
The common 8.5×20 trailer found in Ca are priced $8,500 & upward for lower quality trailers.
We can transport a 8.5×20 Trailer To:
San Diego, CA (with the upgrade conditions) for $6,685.
It’s a price savings of almost $2,000.
Therefore shop carefully & determine if we’re able to help you.
In order to calculate transport price for your city multiply mileage from Douglas Georgia towards your location by .85 cent for every mile.
Contact us for a staff member to help you on your queries.
912-850-8090} or 912-850-8181}
{Prices|Pricing} {for|for a|to get|to get a} 8.5×20 Enclosed Cargo trailer delivery with all of the upgrades listed: 5200 lb. axles, Upgraded radial tires, and a radial spare tire.

Nevada Trailer Prices including:
5200 lb axles, radial tires, radial spare tire
8.5×20 – $4,785 * 8.5×24 – $5,035 * 8.5×26 – $5,285 * 8.5×28 – $5,435 * 8.5×30 – $5,810

Delivery Prices – Salt Lake City, UT: $1700 * Provo, UT: $1780 * West Jordan, UT: $1780 * Las Vegas, NV: $1850 * Henderson, NV: $1832 * Reno, NV: $2213 * North Las Vegas, NV: $1846

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