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Looking for Trailers for Sale in OH ?




Our trailers are for sale in Douglas, Ga.  Clients travel from all over to Douglas, GA to buy them!
If you’re searching to get a trailer in OH have you contemplated making a trip to Douglas, GA to get a trailer without a sales middle man?  They’re all in stock right now, and because we’re a direct supplier you would be able to save a good deal of cash!

We are factory direct, so you’re able to save thousands on your trailer over comparable trailers from your local area resellers.

We’ve got trailers for sale in GA.  We offer for sale trailers to numerous customers from OH who travel to get the enclosed cargo trailers.

Trailers Now has trailers in stock now, zero waiting, you just have to come to GA and Pick up, Attach it and Drive it home.

You need a trailer immediately and we keep them in stock.  Trailers are on wheels, thus, making this easy and available now at a terrific price.

Nearly all of our customers that travel realize they’ll actually spend less versus buying locally.  Some customers take along loved ones, going for a small trip

(enchanting Savannah, GA is actually right off of I-95 for all those originating from the north)  and considering all expenditures still save versus whatever they could have paid coming from a merchant in their local community.

Looking for Enclosed Trailers for sale in OH

OH Enclosed Trailers  

NOTICE: We stock many of these trailers, however, we also sell many trailers!
Occasionally, we can sell several in a short period, so please get in touch with us to check on availability.  In the event that we sell out we will quickly build a new trailer for you.

7′ Wide Trailers Have an Extra 2Foot V-Nose
EXAMPLE:  12+2  14+2  16+2
Our Trailers Have a Standard Interior Height of 6Foot3inch — NOT just 6 Ft..
We Use 3/8 ” Plywood on the Walls. Not thinner Luan Board or O.S.B. Boards (Pressed Wood Flakes)
Tandems Have Electric Brakes on All 4 Wheels.
Each 7 Ft. Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailer Comes Standard With Dome Light, Vents, 24″ Stoneguard, 2000 lb Jack, Ramp and Ramp Flap, 32″ Side Door, With Secure Bar Lock, All Tube Wall Studs and Roof Bows (To Add Strength), and a 4 Sided Tube (not 3 sided z-bar)

Our standard features for 7 X 16 Enclosed Trailers

* Interior Box plus Our V Nose adds additional cargo space.  Beware retailers that include the V-nose as part of their cargo space!
* Heavy Duty 2 inch x 6inch Boxed Tube main frame
* 16 inch ON Center Side Walls  (1×1.5″ tube)
* 24″ ON Center Floor Cross members
* Interior Height 6Ft 3 inches
* 24 inch ATP Stone Guard (one of tallest in industry – most are 12 inch)
* Deluxe Molded Plastic License plate box
* 2 – Side Flo Air Vents
* 12V Interior Light w/ Switch
* Tongue Jack 2000 # Top wind
* 32 inch Side Door with holdback latch
* V Nose /w ATP Diamond Plate Cap
* Standard ST205 15 inch tires with Electric Brakes on each wheel
* Top Quality Marine Grade Paint
* E-Z Grease Hubs
* Aluminum Fender Flares
* 3/4″ Top Grade Plywood Floors
* 3/8″ Top Grade Plywood Walls (Not OSB Boards or Luan)
* .024  Aluminum Metal (Exterior)
* 2 and 5/16″ ball hitch
* Tuff Painted Screwed Exterior
* Dual Cable Assist Ramp
* Slightly Arched Galvalume Roof
* 3500 lb.Leaf Spring Axle w/ 4 inch Drop
* Made in USA

OH Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Looking for Enclosed Cargo Trailers for Sale in OH


OH 7 X 16 Enclosed Trailers


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