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Looking for Trailers for Sale in NC ?




These trailers are located in Douglas, GA.  People travel from all over to Douglas, GA to buy their choice in trailer!
If you’re searching for a trailer in NC have you considered completing a drive to Douglas, GA to get a trailer without a sales middle man?  They are all in stock right now, and since we’re a direct supplier you would be able to save a great deal of cash!

We’re factory direct, so you’re able to save thousands on your trailer over comparable trailers from your local merchants.

We have trailers for sale in GA.  We sell trailers to numerous consumers from NC who drive to pick up the enclosed cargo trailers.

Trailers Now has trailers in stock now, no waiting, you need to simply come visit GA and Pick up, Attach it and Drive it home.

You require a trailer right now and we have them in stock.  Trailers are on wheels, making this easy and available now at a fantastic price.

Most of our clients that travel understand they’re able to genuinely spend less versus buying locally.  Some customers bring along loved ones, going for a mini getaway

(gorgeous Savannah, GA is right off I-95 for individuals originating from the north)  and considering all costs still save over whatever they could have paid originating from a dealer within their local region.

Looking for Enclosed Trailers for sale in NC

NC Enclosed Trailers  

NOTICE: We stock many of these trailers, however, we also sell many trailers!
Occasionally, we sell several at once, so please get in touch with us to check on availability.  Should we sell out we will gladly construct a new trailer for you.

Our standard features for 8.5 X 18 Enclosed Trailers

* Our V Nose provides additional trailer space.  Beware retailers that include the V-nose as part of the cargo space!

* 6 Inch Main frame

* 16 inch OC Side Walls  (1×1.5″ tube)

* 16″ OC Floor Cross beams

* Interior Height 6Ft 6″

* 24 inch ATP Stone Guard (taller then most)

* Premium Molded Plastic Tag BOX

* 12v light inside

* Roof air vent

* 2K pound  heavy duty tongue crank

* 36″ Flush mount door w/ RV Lock and 2 keys

* Side Door includes ATP step

* Hold Back On Side Door

* Diamond Plate V-cap Nose

* ST205 15 inch Tires Standard..If 5200 # Upgrade Axles, tires are 225’s 15″ or 7,000 # axles – tires are 235 16 inch

* Top Quality Marine Grade Paint

* 15″ Wheels With  Self-Adjust Brakes on all 4

* Greasable Hinge Pins

* Aluminum Fender Flares

* 3/4″ Top Grade Plywood Floors

* 5k lb D-Rings Tie Downs

* A-B Grade Plywood on Walls

* .024 Gauge Aluminum Sides

* 2- 5/16 inch Coupler

* Galvanized Safety Chains

* Painted Screws on Exterior

* Spring Assist Ramp

* Beaver Tail

* Heavy Duty Galvalume Roof

* Leaf Spring Axle with 4″ Drop W/  Brakes

* 7 way Bargman Plug

NC Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Looking for Enclosed Cargo Trailers for Sale in NC

Click here for NC 8.5 X 18 Enclosed Trailers


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