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Enclosed Cargo Trailers – Car Trailers via Indirect Delivery to YOUR town!

Westminster CO Cargo Trailers For Sale via Indirect DeliveryIndirect towing is really a strategy tailored to save the customer money on delivery by allowing the transport company to make use of your trailer to deliver something else inside your trailer along the way.
The way it works. You buy the trailer, then the delivery company searches for something to haul for somebody else that may be going your way. They will subsequently use your trailer to deliver the item to the new buyer then transport the trailer to you.

The trailer flooring are going to be protected and trailer will arrive like brand-new.

Cargo Trailers for Sale In Westminster

Special Requirements:

Only trailer sizes 8.5×20 up to 8.5×30.

Upgrade to 5200 lb. axles or larger

Upgrade to radial tires.

Add a radial spare tire.

At least 1000 mile delivery distance

Allow at least ten days.


85 cents per mile one way

The reasons why this is actually a wonderful concept, a person may question??

The average 8.5×20 trailer present in Ca are priced $8,500 & upward for cheaper quality trailers.

We’re able to deliver a 8.5×20 Trailer To:

San Diego, CA (including the upgrade conditions) for $6,685.

This truly is a price savings of close to $2,000.

Therefore do your research & see whether we’re able to help.

In order to calculate transport cost to your city multiply mileage from Douglas GA to your area by .85 cent per mile.

Phone us for a staff member to help you with your inquires.

912.292.9877 or 912-850-8181

Pricing to get  8.5×20 Enclosed Cargo trailer delivery with all of the upgrades listed:  5200 lb. axles, Upgraded radial tires, and a radial spare tire.
Best Priced Delivery Locations:

  • Phoenix Arizona $6,435
  • San Diego, CA $6,685
  • Seattle Washington $7,185
  • Denver Colorado $6,160
  • San Antonio Texas $5,785
  • Sacramento California $7,045
  • Las Vegas Nevada $6,635
  • Minot North Dakota $6,385
  • Fargo North Dakota $6,185
  • Salt Lake City Utah $6,485
  • Great Falls Montana $6,685
  • Houston Texas $5,635
  • Oklahoma City Oklahoma $5,785
  • Lincoln Nebraska $5,785
  • Minneapolis Minnesota $5,910
  • Chicago Illinois $5,685
  • Portland Oregon $7,160
  • Las Angeles California $6,785
  • Billings Montana $6,485
  • El Paso Texas $6,135
  • Dallas Texas $5,685
  • Kansas City Missouri $5,785
  • Memphis Tennessee $5,435
  • St. Louis Missouri $5,535
  • Madison Wisconsin $5,735
  • Detroit Michigan $5,685

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Remember ALL Trailers are located in Douglas, GA and you can save a ton of money by picking it up.. but we understand not everyone can do this, so call us today at 912-292-9877 to set up delivery directly to you!

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